dori’s weekend getaway: turkey!

a few weekends ago, dori & giora (husband) ventured to istanbul, turkey for a weekend getaway to visit good friends, attend a friends’ wedding & have some fun. they came back from a much-needed relaxing trip & filled us in on all the tasty foods, museums & local spots! follow their adventures below for your virtual vacation through istanbul …

local foods 

everywhere they looked, there was watermelon … fresh, cold watermelon did just the trick to stay refreshed. an istanbul tradition, street vendors sold fresh watermelon from the cart at every street corner!

tasty watermelon!roasted corn, toasted chestnuts & turkish delight ~ oh my! parked all around the city in colorful wagons were more street vendors filled with fresh cuisine, rich of culture & history. roasted chestnuts & grilled corn on the cob available on every corners, & the turkish delight tasted as delightful as it looked. one could never walk the streets hungry! 

museums, museums, museums!

first stop, the museum of innocence, which had its grand opening just a few weeks prior. the first museum in the world to be based on a fiction-book written by nobel prize winner & turkish author, orhan pamuk, the museum of innocence represents “Istanbul’s upper class beginning in the 1970s, a time when mr. pamuk was growing up in the elite Nisantasi district.” dori especially enjoyed her experience, as she just started reading pamuk’s novel.

next stop: the topkapi palace museum, which overlooked the beautiful scenic view of the marmara and bosphorus.


last stop: the istanbul modern museum of modern contemporary art, which primarily features art pieces from turkish artists. needless to say, dori always finds ways to surround herself with magnificent artwork and inspirational artists!

dori @ the istanbul modern

here comes the bride! 

giora studied engineering in zurich years ago & his good friend’s son was getting married! the wedding was most certainly the highlight of the weekend. overlooking the amazing oceanic view, dancing ’til dawn, delicious food & cake … a memorable night for all …

touring the town 

their last day was spent venturing the city with friends & getting their final taste of turkish culture. first stop: a much favored “sweets” bakery by the locals: saray muhallebicisi. dated back to 1935, the saray was the place to go for a sweet escape! from milky desserts, sweet pastries to honey & cream, a stop at the saray is a must!

next stop: a refreshing ayran drink @ the ara güler kafe! ayran, also know as laban, is a beverage mixed of yogurt, cold water (& sometimes salt) is just the fix after a day of city touring. ara güler kafe is named after güler himself, an 83-year old turkish photojournalist of armenian descent, also known to have taken photographs of salvador dali, among others. the cafe, located just below ara’s old home, has now turned into a personal museum. ara was known to visit the cafe daily and visit his friends & make new ones.

dori & giora say farewell …
vacations are never fun when they’re over .. but good things always come to an end 🙂

do you have any weekend getaways planned this summer?