tuesdays with dori


this week, we asked dori …

team: what is most rewarding about having your own jewelry line?

dori: in my eyes, each piece of jewelry that leaves the studio is like a “message in a bottle.” when my jewelry is seen worn at a party, a bar, a restaurant or even in the press, to me, it means that someone has found the bottle, received my message and I earned a new friend 🙂 this is what makes me truly happy. although i consider myself to be a private person, i am always favorably surprised by the level of recognition that I receive, and feel honored.

message in a bottle ...

so we ask you: what is most rewarding about your job? 

tuesdays with dori

in this week’s tuesdays with dori session, we asked …

team: would you say there are any cultural or historical references in what you do?

dori: over the years, i appreciate that my work contributes to the conservation of a traditional, feminine craft, the roots of which are planted in the origins of human culture. there is an inherent beauty in the fact that we do everything by hand, in a company of women. it is a tradition that is on the verge of disappearing from our world.

team: so speaking of tradition & history … when did the world of jewelry first enter your life? jewelry box - taken from pinterest

dori: lets just say that jewelry is a part of my private every day world …

as a little girl, i would search & examine through my mother’s jewelry box! necklaces, brooches, colorful buttons and fabrics are the things i played with regularly as a child. it seems to me, that at this point in time, i have not yet grown up at all! 🙂

well, we think “growing up” is overrated, anyway … we will probably all be “playing” with jewelry our whole lives, thanks to you! 🙂

tuesdays with dori

its our favorite time of the week again … tuesdays with dori!
each week, dori sits with the team & shares with us her stories about life, professional experiences, hobbies and favorite past times … read on & stay tuned each tuesday for the “tuesdays with dori” posts, and soon it will be your favorite time of the week, too!

this week, we asked dori …

team: we all know you studied textile design … so how exactly did you get into fashion jewelry?

dori: i graduated from the shenkar college of fashion in tel-aviv, specialized in fabric design at tootal fabrics in manchester, UK and at cyril kowalewsky’s studio in paris. during my studies of textile design, my dream was to be recognized as a designer who brings her own unique style, color palette and motifs to her creations. over the years, i was bothered by the fact that i had no control over the way the end-user saw my textile designs or used them. my prints were scattered all over in many countries and were never presented as one mass, as a collection of serious design work. designing and making textile-based jewelry was the way to expressing and to fulfilling my dream.

team: ok, so then what road did you take that lead you to the path of embroidered jewelry?

in my earlier career as a textile designer, i worked as a freelancer, creating designs which were sold to fabric makers. the work was about exploring with shapes to create atmospheres in color in proportion to the human body. after years of practicing textile design, we moved to paris, where I studied painting at the academie de port-royal. it was a period of exploration; i was looking for new ways to express myself. among other things, I was experimenting with collages from textile materials. this is how the soutache cords landed on my desk. from there on, the road to jewelry was fairly short. i started with small color compositions in textiles which evolved into my first creations, beautiful lapel broaches. with time and experience, i developed a needle work technique which is suitable to the creation of textile-based jewelry and realized that the jewelry path is the right path for me!

so there’s a little history lesson for all you dori fans out there! stay tuned for more stories & learn more about this talented artist & jewelry designer 🙂