team dori’s new york tales

after a few weeks of traveling and exhibiting at the ENK accesorie circuit earlier this month and then at the NYIGF (NY international gift fair), team dori is back from the big apple!
in case you missed some of the photos we posted on facebook the other day, here’s a pic of the dori booth from the ENK show. for more fun pics, be sure to visit our global fairs album.

we had a successful trip, met with some amazing stores & boutiques from all over the world and even made time for some shopping!  (we wouldn’t have had it any other way, right?!). read below as sharon from the team depicts her favorite finds at the NYIGF. was she able to resist temptation to buy out all the crafted items she loved?? read on to find out  …

sharonexhibiting at a show is hard work – no doubt about it. but if you love & appreciate art & design, there is also some room for play. usually when the buyers ‘recharge’ during their lunch hour, there is some down-time, so i felt it was the perfect opportunity to venture out of our dori booth for a few minutes to explore the other talented designers in the ‘handmade hood.’ here are some of the great designers I ran into …

for the home …

don & jesse stinson – a father & son team duo from rural ontario, canada – have been turning local woods (such as maple and birch) into beautiful bowls & sculptural objects for almost 30 years @ stinson studios. the expressive freeform burly pieces were my personal favorites. i fantasize about buying a loft in NYC for the sole purpose of housing one (or two!) of these amazing stinson one-of-a-kind pieces. the only thing standing in my way is the size of my piggy bank … but hey, a girl can dream 🙂

the stinsons’ wooden coasters, salad bowls, tables & conversation pieces can be found on their site:

for the love of fashion …

whether they’re made of felt, feathers or fabric, christiane englsberger’s hats & headbands are simply eye-catching with their striking 3D shapes and ‘whimsical personality.’
a gala night at the opera? tea time with the queen perhaps? or simply because … ? seeing christiane’s creative head pieces lets me believe it makes perfect sense to start putting together an outfit with a favorite hat, and then work my way down …

to browse christiane’s fab line of hats soy como soy (based in germany) visit her site:

* * *

while remaining on the topic of fashion … the stunning colors of fiona mcintosh‘s scarves made me stop in my tracks & enter her booth for a closer inspection! inspired by 1950’s & 1960’s prints, fiona’s printed textiles have a charming, ‘feel good’ retro appeal to them. so i guess it was ‘meant to be’ that the moment i laid eyes on these adorable button mufflers, they shot straight to the top of my ‘presents-i-must-get-for-the-holidays’ list 🙂

for scarves, mufflers and arm-warmers that will make you feel warm & fuzzy this winter, visit fiona’s site:

and simply for fun …

i totally fell in love (and in the most gushing way) with jackie huang’s handmade felt animals. surrounded by the cutest & fuzziest creatures ever, i felt like a kid in a candy store all over again!

jackie brings to life a collection of delightful characters through the art of needle felting. he enjoys giving the woolbuddies little quirky twists (e.g. jimmy the long-legged giraffe carries a camera on his long neck) and witty names that make them even more lovable than they already are (if that’s even possible?!). eunice the sheep, holly the cow & amelia the owl greeted me with open arms and it was difficult saying saying good bye to my new found friends … 🙂

to add cute & cuddly woolbuddies to your circle of family & friends, visit: 

*  *  * 

we hope you enjoyed your virtual tour through sharon’s eyes of the NYIGF! which booth from the above was your personal favorite? 🙂