Real Women

Since Dove’s Real Women campaign there have been numerous examples of body diversity ads making it into the mainstream. Sharon, our USA rep, had fun taking photos of  store buyers, fellow designers and fashion students who happened to visit our booth at the NY Now show.

She asked them to ‘model’ Dori’s new SS2016 collection. What can we say? Non-traditional models are definitely having a moment! Here, we celebrate some of the ‘real women’ who just happened to look fab in our jewelry…. 🙂
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The bold and the beautiful – Ramp1885 interview with Dori

Interview by: Marina Radovanovic

I recently had the privilege to interview an amazingly talented woman that creates exceptional pieces of jewellery in Tel Aviv, Israel. By using a stunning array of colours, combined with vintage and contemporary styles and hand embroidered techniques; the haute couture collection is a must-see!

Dori Csengeri has her collection featured in various leading bridal, lifestyle and fashion publications. It is with no wonder that her exquisite jewellery is presented world-wide in prestigious jewellery stores, galleries and museums!

Folies necklace and earrings from Dori Csengeri

It is clearly evident that Csengeri loves her work, as this is reflected in her timely pieces. Brides and women who want that extra special and significant jewellery piece can find exactly what they are looking for, as Dori Csengeri has a vast selection in bold and cheerful to subtle and romantic colours. There is a design and colour to match every woman’s needs and preferences!

Dori Csengeri sat down with us an chatted about her unique and beautiful jewellery collections and how it all began.

Dori profileHow did you begin creating the jewellery; what inspired you to start this venture?

During my studies of textile design in Paris at the Academie de Port-Royal, I was experimenting with collages from textile materials. This is how the soutache cords landed on my desk. From there on, the road to jewelry was fairly short. I started with small color compositions in textiles, which evolved into beautiful lapel brooches. With time and experience, I developed an embroidery technique, that is suitable for creating textile-based jewelry and realized that the jewellery path is the right path for me.

Aside from the prominent magazines where your fine collection is displayed, are there exhibits and events where the collection may be seen and purchased?

Stores buyers & owners come to see our collection and place orders at trade shows such as: Première Classe Tuileries & Porte de Versailles in Paris, MACEF & Super in Milano, NY Now in New York City, Ambiente in Frankfurt and Bisutex in Madrid.

"Desiree" necklace and earrings from Dori Csengeri's Bridal collection

Which jewellery pieces do you find is most popular amongst your clientele? 

I feel that a big part of personal taste is shaped by ones culture. While my Italian customers tend to be daring and they love bold colors, my New York customers are drawn to the more classical looking styles.  My jewellery collection offers a wide array of styles that are deliberately made in small, often changing series. This way, I can constantly present my customers with creative accessorizing possibilities that suit their personal tastes & styles.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. One of my favorite custom orders was an upper-arm cuff for a bride who asked me to find a creative way to “link” two of her grandmother’s brooches into my design. It wasn’t an easy task, but I truly enjoyed designing the cuff especially since in my eyes, jewelry pieces are the safe-keepers of our “treasure moments of life”. They reflect our memorable moments and occasions whether joyous, emotional or romantic.

 Alegra earrings from Dori Csengeri

Bogart brooch from Dori Csengeri

Are your designs inspired by seasonal fashion trends?

My work is a synthesis between the past and the present.  On one hand, I preserve the old tradition of hand-embroidery and ‘Savoir Faire’. On the other hand, my designs are very current. I like viewing the fashion trends forecast about a year or two before the season, so I have enough time to explore the seasonal colors and shapes and make them my own.

Do you find that certain moods, the arts or events trigger inspirations/ideas for designs?

I find that “all of the above” can trigger inspiration. There are no rules and no winning formula for “sparking the creative mood”, but healthy doses of curiosity and playfulness definitely help. As I sit at my worktable, my mind’s wheels begin to turn and things like memories, art, nature, scenery, color, and the little details of life start surfacing in my mind. Each embroidered piece starts as a collection of materials and by the time it’s finished it turns into a new and unique jewelry that conveys my mood and my thoughts.

Your bridal collection is breath taking and it is wonderful how you have combined traditional bridal styles with contemporary and romantic styles. Have you found that soon-to-be-brides lean on any particular style, or remain dedicated to the traditional pearly white accessories? 

I’m really happy to say that most of our brides have defined tastes and are in charge of their look. They are looking for unique pieces that reflect their personal styles.  Even the brides that are attracted to the classic pearls accessories come to my atelier in search of what I call “the updated pearl look with a twist”… 🙂

Fantastic black and white earrings from Dori Csengeri Chiara earrings from Dori Csengeri's Bridal collectionJalousie earrings from Dori Csengeri

Are there any plans to expand your brilliant style and carry it onto clutches, various accessories and perhaps clothing and shoes?

I recently launched a capsule collection of digitally printed kaftans, tunics and shawls. The idea behind the collection is to inspire women to dream and picture themselves as glorious movie sirens. In my mind, a kaftan is all about a luxurious treat and a fun fantasy combined in one accessory.

One of the kaftans from Dori's latest kaftan collection.

In which stores/boutiques may we find your marvelous collection for purchase?

Retail customers can find our collection at many great boutiques, jewellery stores and galleries all over the world.  The stockists list is very long, so I’m just going to name a few:

Alix Bijoux Paris & St. Tropez, Imarika in Milan, LuisaViaRoma in Florence, Pierre in Monaco, Tom Shot in Berlin, Una De Tres in Barcelona, British Museum store in London, MAD museum store in NYC, Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm, Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo, Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong and of course, our online store .

If we may venture to ask; what collection are you focusing on now?

I’m currently designing & making the very last color groups of our Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection. In this collection, the emphasis is on multi-faceted pieces that have both a feminine allure as well as a harder edge. The colors are somewhat muted and reflect a sense of mystery. I designed each jewelry piece to be literally seen in a different light any time a woman wears it.

Needless to say, Dori Csengeri’s collection is eye candy! To view more of the wonderful designs and colours of her masterpieces and to keep up-to-date with the latest creations, visit:

team dori’s new york tales

after a few weeks of traveling and exhibiting at the ENK accesorie circuit earlier this month and then at the NYIGF (NY international gift fair), team dori is back from the big apple!
in case you missed some of the photos we posted on facebook the other day, here’s a pic of the dori booth from the ENK show. for more fun pics, be sure to visit our global fairs album.

we had a successful trip, met with some amazing stores & boutiques from all over the world and even made time for some shopping!  (we wouldn’t have had it any other way, right?!). read below as sharon from the team depicts her favorite finds at the NYIGF. was she able to resist temptation to buy out all the crafted items she loved?? read on to find out  …

sharonexhibiting at a show is hard work – no doubt about it. but if you love & appreciate art & design, there is also some room for play. usually when the buyers ‘recharge’ during their lunch hour, there is some down-time, so i felt it was the perfect opportunity to venture out of our dori booth for a few minutes to explore the other talented designers in the ‘handmade hood.’ here are some of the great designers I ran into …

for the home …

don & jesse stinson – a father & son team duo from rural ontario, canada – have been turning local woods (such as maple and birch) into beautiful bowls & sculptural objects for almost 30 years @ stinson studios. the expressive freeform burly pieces were my personal favorites. i fantasize about buying a loft in NYC for the sole purpose of housing one (or two!) of these amazing stinson one-of-a-kind pieces. the only thing standing in my way is the size of my piggy bank … but hey, a girl can dream 🙂

the stinsons’ wooden coasters, salad bowls, tables & conversation pieces can be found on their site:

for the love of fashion …

whether they’re made of felt, feathers or fabric, christiane englsberger’s hats & headbands are simply eye-catching with their striking 3D shapes and ‘whimsical personality.’
a gala night at the opera? tea time with the queen perhaps? or simply because … ? seeing christiane’s creative head pieces lets me believe it makes perfect sense to start putting together an outfit with a favorite hat, and then work my way down …

to browse christiane’s fab line of hats soy como soy (based in germany) visit her site:

* * *

while remaining on the topic of fashion … the stunning colors of fiona mcintosh‘s scarves made me stop in my tracks & enter her booth for a closer inspection! inspired by 1950’s & 1960’s prints, fiona’s printed textiles have a charming, ‘feel good’ retro appeal to them. so i guess it was ‘meant to be’ that the moment i laid eyes on these adorable button mufflers, they shot straight to the top of my ‘presents-i-must-get-for-the-holidays’ list 🙂

for scarves, mufflers and arm-warmers that will make you feel warm & fuzzy this winter, visit fiona’s site:

and simply for fun …

i totally fell in love (and in the most gushing way) with jackie huang’s handmade felt animals. surrounded by the cutest & fuzziest creatures ever, i felt like a kid in a candy store all over again!

jackie brings to life a collection of delightful characters through the art of needle felting. he enjoys giving the woolbuddies little quirky twists (e.g. jimmy the long-legged giraffe carries a camera on his long neck) and witty names that make them even more lovable than they already are (if that’s even possible?!). eunice the sheep, holly the cow & amelia the owl greeted me with open arms and it was difficult saying saying good bye to my new found friends … 🙂

to add cute & cuddly woolbuddies to your circle of family & friends, visit: 

*  *  * 

we hope you enjoyed your virtual tour through sharon’s eyes of the NYIGF! which booth from the above was your personal favorite? 🙂