Flower Power Is Here To Stay!

We can’t talk about spring florals without quoting the legendary Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

Yes, Meryl, we agree: Florals for spring isn’t anything new. But, they are a fashion staple and we can’t get enough of them!

This season, we see gardens growing and blooming at the stores with a mixture of happy colors and painterly like feeling. We just can’t resist these juicy, fragrant colors and invite vivid floral designs to take over our closet and freshen up our look…

floral prints on the runways ss2015

                                                 Floral prints on the runways ss2015

Alexander Mcqueen floral clutch

             Alexander Mcqueen floral clutch

Dori's Capri earrings as seen in Collezioni Accessori magazin

Dori’s floral Capri earrings as seen in Collezioni Accessori magazine

Roger Vivier iconic floral sandals

Roger Vivier iconic floral sandals                                  

Delirio floral statement necklace by Dori Csengeri

Delirio floral statement necklace by Dori Csengeri

We wish you all a bright and happy spring! 🙂
Dori & her team

New Year, New Store, New Collection…

New Year, new store and a stunning fall-winter collection…. three good reasons for Dori to throw a party for her friends and long time customers… 🙂

If you didn’t happen to be in Tel Aviv and couldn’t join our store warming party, this is what you missed: yummy party favors, loads of sangria and best of all…gorgeous Dori jewelry pieces everywhere!

We snapped some pics to share with you:

Shopping for great party favors at Levinsky Market, Tel Aviv

Shopping for great party favors at Levinsky Market, Tel Aviv

Coffee break at Levinsky Market

Coffee break at Levinsky Market

Just before the party....

Just before the party….

guest at the party

We all had major fashion fun socializing, browsing the new collection and…playing with the cute doggy diva….

Alora boho chic necklace & earrings by Dori Csengeri

Alora boho chic necklace & earrings by Dori Csengeri

Joie earrings, the perfect sparkly accent to liven up any outfit during the holiday season and after....

Joie earrings, the perfect sparkly accent to liven up any outfit during the holiday season and after….

Whether it's New Year's Eve or just a night out, make sure you look party perfect with Dori's show-stopping Intrigue jewelry pieces!

Whether it’s New Year’s Eve or just a night out, make sure you look party perfect with Dori’s show-stopping Intrigue jewelry pieces!

We hope you can all join us next time around! 🙂
And until then…..
Here’s to a joyful present and a sparkling future.
Best wishes for an Exciting New Year!

All our best,
Dori & her team

Venus – Now & Then…

Venus is the Roman mythology counterpart to the Greek Aphrodite. She embodies sex, love, beauty, enticement and seduction. And with such persuasive female charm, no wonder she was and still is a leading muse to artists, thinkers, poets and…dreamers….

Venus of Willendorf, a small statuette of a female figure estimated to have been made between about 28,000 and 25,000 BCE. Although it pre-dates the mythological Venus by millennia, the figurine earned the nickname “Venus” thanks to her emphasized parts of the body that are associated with fertility and childbearing. Researchers believe that the voluptuous Venus may have portrayed a fertility goddess.

Venus of Willendorf

Venus of Willendorf

Aphrodite of Milos, better known as the Venus de Milo, is one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture. The de Milo statue is praised by many artists and critics as the epitome of graceful female beauty.

Venus de Milo

Venus de Milo on display at the Louvre, Paris

During the Renaissance period in Europe Venus became a popular subject of painting and sculpture. As the goddess of sexuality, a degree of erotic beauty in her presentation was justified, which appealed to many artists and their patrons. Since Venus-Aphrodite was born of sea-foam, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli as well as countless other artworks depict her rising from the sea in a clam.

Birth of Venus by Botticelli

Birth of Venus by Botticelli

Dr. No, filmed in 1962 and starring Sean Connery was the first James Bond film. Ean Fleming the author of James Bond series had a specific painting in mind when he wrote the scene of sexy Honey Rider rising from the sea in front of an excited James Bond (hint: check the above Botticelli painting). In what later became an iconic moment in cinematic and fashion history, Ursula Andress rose out of the Caribbean Sea in a white bikini sporting a large diving knife and two seashells.

Ursula Andress, iconic Bond girl

Ursula Andress, iconic Bond girl

In 1986, the British girl group Bananarama remake of the song “Venus” (originally written & sung by the 60’s band Shocking Bluebecame a hit. The music video for “Venus” received heavy airplay on MTV.  It featured the group in various costumes including a devil, a French temptress, a vampire and a Roman goddess.

Venus video by Bananarama

Venus video by Bananarama

For her fall-winter 2014-2015 collection Dori took a classic yet fresh approach to the Venus theme. Basking in golden glow that brings to light feminine fluid shapes and delicate shell-like textures, Dori’s Venus is timeless.. and just like the goddess, positively irresistible…. 🙂

Venus earrings by Dori Csengeri

Venus earrings by Dori Csengeri


team dori breakfast outing!

croissants, coffee and cake – oh my!

disclaimer: do not read this post if you are hungry and have not yet had your morning Cup of Joe 🙂

last week, team dori had a company outing at rothschild 12, a local hip cafe by day (bar by night), located in the heart of tel-aviv on the well-know rothschild boulevard. the cafe was reserved all morning especially for us, and we had the venue all to ourselves to eat, laugh & share good team dori memories 🙂

each year, dori likes to treat the team and dedicate a time where all may spend time together away from the studio and relax, enjoy one another’s company and reflect back on the past year’s success, new team additions and favorite memories.

before we all sat down to eat, we had to note how lovely cafe was set-up for our feast! tables were lavishly decorated with assorted specialty pastries, scones, cakes, & breads, and champagne, orange juice & cappuccinos were served to everyone. oh – and it only gets better … 🙂

a big block of butter was the table’s main centerpiece 🙂 with enough tasty butter to go around for days, the team still barely managed to put a dent in it! we had to take a photo just to prove it 🙂

just as we thought there was enough food to go around, the waitresses served us the biggest shakshouka pan we had ever seen! an israeli breakfast tradition, shakshouka is a tasty dish served with poached eggs, tomatoes, onions and spices (other fresh vegetables often added such as eggplant or bell peppers and even fresh goat cheese for taste) and simply warms the heart with its rich taste. the pan was so big – lets just say, we had plenty of leftovers 🙂

as we were finishing up our feast, dori gave a little heartwarming speech, thanking the team for coming and for being a part of her love for jewelry. a lovely breakfast turned into a memorable event for all and we rolled out of the cafe, filled with yummy food in our happy tummies and some new memories.

team dori thanks dori & giora for a lovely morning & some quality team bonding 🙂

have you been on any memorable company outings? what was the most special part about the event?

team dori is off to the big apple!

the ENK accessorie circuit is right around the corner, and team dori will be off to the big apple in just a few days!

a fun event where trendy stores & boutiques meet designers of fashion accessories, the ENK takes place at the heart of new york city from aug. 5-7. (for more information on the shows team dori will be attending, check out the events page of our site)

but before we’re off, its time to pack … here’s a list of 10 must-have items that you can be sure to find in our tote bags as we strut the city streets of new york …


1.  face sunscreen: so important to cover that face of ours to avoid any future damage
2.  sweatshirt: always nice to have something cozy to wear when it gets cool
camera: to capture all the memorable moments @ the show!
4.  hat: when we’re outside, to shade us from the heat; when we’re inside, to look stylish!
5.  sneakers: comfy to walk around in when we’re standing on our feet all-day-long
6.  sunglasses: no explanation is ever needed for some cool shades!
7.  umbrella: you never know when a city storm might hit ya’! better safe than sorry 🙂
8.  headphones: while waiting for the subway, its always nice to listen to some tunes …
9.  vitamin water: to stay hydrated & keep us on our toes!
10. almonds: to keep us energized & is simply a great source of quick protein

so what are the 10 items you take with you when traveling to a new city?

*** be sure to stay tuned next week for some fun pics from the ENK event!

tuesdays with dori


this week, we asked dori …

team: what is most rewarding about having your own jewelry line?

dori: in my eyes, each piece of jewelry that leaves the studio is like a “message in a bottle.” when my jewelry is seen worn at a party, a bar, a restaurant or even in the press, to me, it means that someone has found the bottle, received my message and I earned a new friend 🙂 this is what makes me truly happy. although i consider myself to be a private person, i am always favorably surprised by the level of recognition that I receive, and feel honored.

message in a bottle ...

so we ask you: what is most rewarding about your job? 

dori’s weekend getaway: turkey!

a few weekends ago, dori & giora (husband) ventured to istanbul, turkey for a weekend getaway to visit good friends, attend a friends’ wedding & have some fun. they came back from a much-needed relaxing trip & filled us in on all the tasty foods, museums & local spots! follow their adventures below for your virtual vacation through istanbul …

local foods 

everywhere they looked, there was watermelon … fresh, cold watermelon did just the trick to stay refreshed. an istanbul tradition, street vendors sold fresh watermelon from the cart at every street corner!

tasty watermelon!roasted corn, toasted chestnuts & turkish delight ~ oh my! parked all around the city in colorful wagons were more street vendors filled with fresh cuisine, rich of culture & history. roasted chestnuts & grilled corn on the cob available on every corners, & the turkish delight tasted as delightful as it looked. one could never walk the streets hungry! 

museums, museums, museums!

first stop, the museum of innocence, which had its grand opening just a few weeks prior. the first museum in the world to be based on a fiction-book written by nobel prize winner & turkish author, orhan pamuk, the museum of innocence represents “Istanbul’s upper class beginning in the 1970s, a time when mr. pamuk was growing up in the elite Nisantasi district.” dori especially enjoyed her experience, as she just started reading pamuk’s novel.

next stop: the topkapi palace museum, which overlooked the beautiful scenic view of the marmara and bosphorus.


last stop: the istanbul modern museum of modern contemporary art, which primarily features art pieces from turkish artists. needless to say, dori always finds ways to surround herself with magnificent artwork and inspirational artists!

dori @ the istanbul modern

here comes the bride! 

giora studied engineering in zurich years ago & his good friend’s son was getting married! the wedding was most certainly the highlight of the weekend. overlooking the amazing oceanic view, dancing ’til dawn, delicious food & cake … a memorable night for all …

touring the town 

their last day was spent venturing the city with friends & getting their final taste of turkish culture. first stop: a much favored “sweets” bakery by the locals: saray muhallebicisi. dated back to 1935, the saray was the place to go for a sweet escape! from milky desserts, sweet pastries to honey & cream, a stop at the saray is a must!

next stop: a refreshing ayran drink @ the ara güler kafe! ayran, also know as laban, is a beverage mixed of yogurt, cold water (& sometimes salt) is just the fix after a day of city touring. ara güler kafe is named after güler himself, an 83-year old turkish photojournalist of armenian descent, also known to have taken photographs of salvador dali, among others. the cafe, located just below ara’s old home, has now turned into a personal museum. ara was known to visit the cafe daily and visit his friends & make new ones.

dori & giora say farewell …
vacations are never fun when they’re over .. but good things always come to an end 🙂

do you have any weekend getaways planned this summer?