team dori breakfast outing!

croissants, coffee and cake – oh my!

disclaimer: do not read this post if you are hungry and have not yet had your morning Cup of Joe 🙂

last week, team dori had a company outing at rothschild 12, a local hip cafe by day (bar by night), located in the heart of tel-aviv on the well-know rothschild boulevard. the cafe was reserved all morning especially for us, and we had the venue all to ourselves to eat, laugh & share good team dori memories 🙂

each year, dori likes to treat the team and dedicate a time where all may spend time together away from the studio and relax, enjoy one another’s company and reflect back on the past year’s success, new team additions and favorite memories.

before we all sat down to eat, we had to note how lovely cafe was set-up for our feast! tables were lavishly decorated with assorted specialty pastries, scones, cakes, & breads, and champagne, orange juice & cappuccinos were served to everyone. oh – and it only gets better … 🙂

a big block of butter was the table’s main centerpiece 🙂 with enough tasty butter to go around for days, the team still barely managed to put a dent in it! we had to take a photo just to prove it 🙂

just as we thought there was enough food to go around, the waitresses served us the biggest shakshouka pan we had ever seen! an israeli breakfast tradition, shakshouka is a tasty dish served with poached eggs, tomatoes, onions and spices (other fresh vegetables often added such as eggplant or bell peppers and even fresh goat cheese for taste) and simply warms the heart with its rich taste. the pan was so big – lets just say, we had plenty of leftovers 🙂

as we were finishing up our feast, dori gave a little heartwarming speech, thanking the team for coming and for being a part of her love for jewelry. a lovely breakfast turned into a memorable event for all and we rolled out of the cafe, filled with yummy food in our happy tummies and some new memories.

team dori thanks dori & giora for a lovely morning & some quality team bonding 🙂

have you been on any memorable company outings? what was the most special part about the event?