Vogue Gioiello – Dori’s couture soutache

When the journalist of  Vogue Gioiello discovered Dori’s jewelry collection, she was taken by it and wanted to find out more about the designer behind the precious hand-embroidered creations.

Here is the interview as published in Vogue Gioiello….

Dori’s sense of color as well as the long tradition of hand embroidery and textile design are at the core of her creations. She is an Israeli designer known throughout the world who takes inspiration from costume history and from contemporary art & fashion. Dori works alongside artisans who specialize in the ancient soutache technique.  Her personal spin on the soutache technique involves hand-embroidering textile cords while incorporating materials such as gem stones, shells, vintage buttons and Swarovski crystals into the design.

Which are the new developments and new items in the summer 2013 collection?
“In terms of the selection, there are more chokers and bracelets. Also, I offer a large selection of earrings in a variety of sizes in new shapes and styles. In terms of design, I would say that Bogart is the most artistic looking color group in my summer collection. On one of my visits to the flea market, I happened to find some blinking blue and brown dolls eyes. I joined those eyes with free-form embroidery, agate slices and metal elements, as well as a measure of surrealism inspiration for an intriguing “looking at you” effect…”

choker mqe-n522g_resizeDori’s Martinique choker – spring/summer 2013

alegra ears no logo_resizeDori’s Alegra earrings – spring/summer 2013

bogart bracelet no logo_resizeDori’s Bogart bracelet – “Here’s to looking at you kid”….

What are your medium and long term projects?
“I am currently experimenting with a new capsule collection of digitally printed kaftans, tunics and shawls, for which I have selected interesting unique designs. The idea is to inspire women to treat themselves to luxurious accessories in the comfort of their homes or while vacationing at resorts. We offer a wider variety of superbly soft high-fashion accessories for the world of leisure & pleasure.”

KFT-6_0460Dori’s Kaftan from her new capsule collection

Are you of the opinion that fairs (i.e. trade shows) are still a valid means of communication?
“Shows are still good for creating a dialogue between designers and buyers; allowing professional buyers to have the first-hand experience of the product. However, the shows are not a good platform for communicating with our retail customers, the women who wear our creations. We find that advertising in the right magazines and extensive online activity are far more efficient in reaching potential customers and catching their attention.”

What fields do you excel in?
“Design and color, making every collection a thrilling, intriguing and surprising experience for my loyal followers….” 🙂

fol-n404(Folies)-2_resizeDori’s colorful Folies necklace & earrings – spring/summer 2013

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It’s a MOD world!

In the mid 1960s, thanks to a convergence of music, film, fashion and social change, the mod style blasted out of London, with the boutiques of Kings Road and Carnaby Street at the center of the scene. The monochrome geometric prints of Op Art perfectly complemented the bold shapes of the mod look, which was about looking forward to the future: sharp, bold, minimalist – mod-ernist.

mod fashion in Vogue

artwork_images_89028_774647_william-klein models backstage in William Klein movie “Who Are You, Polly Magoo?

blowup iconic scene from Michelangelo Antonioni’s film “Blowup

By the late 60s the mod scene was in sharp decline.  However, starting in the 70s each decade experienced a wave of mod revival.  In the 90s bands such as Oasis and Blur were influenced by the mod culture; both in music and fashion. In 2010 The Like adopted the mod joyful style and unconventional stance.

the-like-album-coverThe Like album “Release Me”

This spring, Dori, Marc Jacobs, Moschino and other designers channeled the ’60s mod vibe and flavor in their new collections.

Moschino Collage 1The mod look is back in Moschino’s spring-summer 2013 runway
marc jacobs collageMarc Jacobs gives the mod’s style and ideologies a voice, spring-summer 2013

Dori delved into Op Art’s geometric shapes and examined playful compositions with a modern twist. Her new Black & White collection reflects the mod culture’s inventive style and bold look with a personal touch and a joyful feel…. 🙂

b&w dori pieces

Dori’s Black & White bracelet & earrings

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