It’s Surreal!

Surrealism is often described as the most influential of all twentieth-century art movements with strong ties to the fashion industry.  Its poetic sensibility and way of perceiving reality is so all-encompassing that we take it for granted now. From the bursts of nonsense and flights of fancy to journeys into the secret backwaters of desire, Surrealism has exposed the liberating power of the unconscious mind.

The eye, a recurring motif in Surrealism, served as both a symbol for the act of perception and as an allusion to female sexuality.

Man Ray – Glass Tears, 1933

Rene Magritte – The False Mirror, 1928

Salvador Dali – Eye on Time, 1949

When Dori came across whimsical dolls eyes, “Surrealism was certainly in the air”.  Dori’s necklace, which is still in the “work in process” stage, has a particularly playful dreamy quality about it. Team Dori named it Bogart…after all, who can resist using one of Bogart’s most memorable Casablanca quotes…“Here’s to looking at you, kid”… 🙂

Bogart necklace – art in progress

“Seeing eye to eye” with Bogart  🙂

And who in your eyes is the best Surrealist artist?